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4th Network Meeting – University of Oxford

PIs and ESRs were reunited from 19 - 21 March 2018 for the third Annual ClickGene Meeting in Oriel College at the University of Oxford (UOXF). Organised by the ClickGene partners UOXF and ATDBio, the annual meeting included workshops, industry and laboratory visits, keynote lectures and ESR presentations.

On the first day, Dr. Jeanette Müller from accelopment AG provided the ESRs with an expert training session on European Grant Application Writing. ESRs were informed about existing EU funding opportunities for young researchers and different steps related to proposal writing. In the afternoon, ESRs had the opportunity to visit the premises of the companies ATDBio Ltd. and Oxford Nanopore Technologies in the Oxford Science Park and they also had the opportunity to visit the research laboratories of Prof. Tom Brown in UOXF.

During the second day, ESRs, PIs and others attended nine cutting-edge lectures by ClickGene PIs and researchers from the UOXF as follows:

Tom Brown, Department of Chemistry, UOXF

“Clicking DNA”

Chrys Chatgilialoglu, CNR

“Our radical approach to biomimetic chemistry.”

Andrew Kellett, Dublin City University

“Molecular Methods for Probing Non-Covalent Metallodrug-DNA Interactions”

Rebecca Andrews, Department of Physics, UOXF

“A single-molecule sequencing method based on DNA binding”

Jonathan Doye, Department of Chemistry, UOXF

“Coarse-grained modelling of DNA”

Graham McClorey, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, UOXF

“Cell-Penetrating peptides to enhance oligonucleotide delivery”

Andrew Turberfield, Department of Physics, UOXF

“Molecular machinery from DNA”

Jack Hardwick, Department of Chemistry, UOXF

“F-DNA: A new form of the DNA Double Helix”

Thomas Carell, LMU Munich

“DNA bases beyond Watson and Crick”

On the third and last day, each ESR presented recent advancements in their research projects with the other ESRs and the ClickGene PIs. The ClickGene coordinator Andrew Kellett held a presentation on the status of the ClickGene project, in its last months before completion. A board meeting reuniting PIs and ESR representatives put an end to this 3-day event.

The next network meeting will take place in Dublin, Ireland by the end of the year. Information will follow in due time.