Supervision of 1 ESR in the area of oxidation mechanisms of nucleic acids.
Lead of WP3
Gene Knockout: Mechanisms, Activation and Control


Carla Ferreri was born in Napoli. She graduated in Medicinal Chemistry in 1979 and post-graduated in Hospital Pharmacy in 1981, but her passion for organic synthesis and medicinal chemsitry brought her abroad at UC San Diego, California, for a collaboration with Prof. Ernest Wenkert's group. In 1984 she was appointed as permanent research fellow at the University of Napoli, Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry. From 1990 she started a frutiful collaboration with Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu in the field of free radical chemistry. From 2001 she moved to Bologna, at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR, governmental research organization), where is now Senior Researcher and responsible for the project "Biomimetic Models of Free Radical Stress and related biomarkers" at the CNR Research Area.
She is also responsible of the Bilateral Project CNR-RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) "The effects of H-atom donors with quinone compounds: the molecular basis for protective biological activities".
At the present her research interests deal with the field of free radicals in life sciences, exploring the chemistry and mechanisms of biologically relevant pocesses under biomimetic conditions, with application to the molecular understanding of cellular stress and biomarker discovery. She is author of ca. 125 publications and book chapters, 3 patents and 1 book. She developed a project in the field of lipidomics of cell membranes and received the Award ITWIIN 2010 as the Best Innovator Woman in Italy.
Carla Ferreri is co-founder and leads the R&D of the spin-off company Lipinutragen srl, bringing to the market the innovation called "NUTRILIPIDOMICS". It consists of an original approach to personalized nutracetical/nutritional intervention based on the lipidomic profile of erythrocyte membranes
Main research area:
Her research interests deal with the field of free radicals, studying either the chimica transformations under biomimetic conditions (liposomes), and the applications to new biomarkers related to free radical stress, and the consequences of various types of stress to cell membrane.
Organic synthesis and methodologies. free radical chemistry and mechanisms related to biology. Lipidomics of cell membranes and lipid remodelling. Nutraceutical formulations and nutrilipidomics.
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