ClickGene ESR publishes new paper in the Chemistry journal

ClickGene's ESR Ján Matyašovský from IOCB AS CR has recently published a paper in collaboration with Prof Hocek and Dr Pohl of IOCB. The paper contained research results regarding a series of 2-alkylamino-2'-deoxyadenosine triphosphates which was prepared and was found to be substrates for the Therminator DNA polymerase. This enzyme incorporated only one modified nucleotide into the primer. When a template encoding for two consecutive adenines was used, conditions for incorporation of one or two modified nucleotides were found. After the addition of natural dNTPs the enzymatic synthesis led to further extension of the primer resulting in a DNA modified site-specifically in the minor groove. Reactive allylamino- and propargylamino-modified DNA was used for post-synthetic modification using fluorescent labels utilizing click reactions. This approach proved to be useful for the construction of FRET probes for the detection of oligonucleotides.