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Dublin City University (DCU)

Dublin, Ireland
School of Chemical Sciences

DCU has world leading expertise in the development of synthetic chemical nucleases, their application within molecular medicine and the elucidation of nucleotide binding properties. Extensive links with cancer biology, toxicological evaluation and free radical biology and medicine. Research facilities based at the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB) and Nano-Bioanalytical Research Facility (NRF) within DCU. Extensive links with Biopharmaceutical companies (Eli-Lilly, Biogen-Idec, Pfizer) in the area of mammalian cell line engineering for biologics production.

Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (LMUM)

Munich, Germany
Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

LMU’s Department of Chemistry is best known for:
(1) World leading expertise on the synthesis and modification of nucleic acids, including the biochemical manipulation of nucleic acids. Extensive links with cell biologist.
(2) Extensive expertise in protein cloning and purification including protein structural analysis using X-ray. Intensive collaboration with protein crystallographers.
(3) Strong expertise in mass spectrometry (proteomics) technologies for the investigation of protein complexes and protein networks. Extensive experience with cell cultures including stem cell cultures of all kinds.

Oxford University (UOXF)

Oxford, United Kingdom
Department of Chemistry

Oxford University is a world-leading academic institution. The Department of Chemistry has an outstanding research output and has particular strengths in chemical biology. Tom Brown is Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry and is a member of the Departments of Chemistry and Oncology.

National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (NCSRD)

Athens, Greece
Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The INN is an internationally recognized expert in free radicals in chemical biology, chemistry and kinetics of DNA-lipid-protein damages, biomarker discovery applied also to innovative tools in molecular medicine.
Also known for an innovative approach in biomimetic studies for membrane models and chemical behavior of DNA and lipids.

National Research Council (CNR)

Bologna, Italy
Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity

The ISOF is a leading group in biomimetic free radical chemistry, with the design of models mimicking the biological environment for the study of the main chemical and physical processes connected with the oxidative and free radical processes occurring in the cells.
Wide synthetic expertise for modified oligonucleotides and proteoliposomes and characterization of their properties.

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR (IOCB)

Prague, Czech Republic
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

The IOCB has world leading expertise in bioorganic and medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, in particular of nucleic acids components. Successful experience with drug design and development (originator of the whole class of antiviral drugs based on acyclic nucleoside phosphonates: Viread, Hepsera, Atripla etc.) with links to the pharma and biotech industry. The Hocek group has leading expertise in synthetic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry and chemical biology of nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids.

ATDbio Ltd (ATDbio)

Oxford, United Kingdom


ATDBio Ltd is an oligonucleotide synthesis company with a production facility in Southampton and research laboratory at the Oxford Science Park. ATDBio specializes in the synthesis of highly pure heavily modified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides that are used in academic and commercial research in the fields of genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Oligonucleotides are supplied to laboratories throughout the world with major customers in Europe and the USA. ATDBio has around 15 staff, all with degrees or PhDs in scientific disciplines. ATDBio was co-founded in 2005 by Prof. Tom Brown (Professor of Nucleic Acid Chemistry, University of Oxford) and maintains close links with Tom Brown’s research group at Oxford University.

baseclick GmbH (BASECLICK)

Tutzing, Germany


baseclick GmbH is a spin-off company funded and founded by BASF Venture Capital GmbH and holds the intellectual property for its technologies. The company has its seat in Tutzing, south of Munich, close to the biotech campus in Munich-Martinsried. The IP was generated at the University of Munich in the group of Prof. Thomas Carell and it is focused on the application of click chemistry as powerful tool for the DNA science.

LipiNutraGen sr (LNG)

Bologna, Italy

Lipinutragen srl is an innovative biotechnological company focused on the membrane lipidome monitoring as tool for personalized medicine. Additionally, application of nutrilipidomics to personalized nutritional and nutraceutical strategies in health and diseases are being developed.